Amalaki: Fruit of Heaven

Amalaki or Amla (Phyllantus Emblica) is a medium-sized deciduous tree with pear-leaf leaves, pale green flowers and round light green to yellow fruits. In Ayurvedic diet, it is the fruits used. Also known as Indian gooseberries. In India, the tree is considered sacred because of the nutritious and healing properties of the fruits. The Amalaki fruit is the main ingredient in the traditional Ayurvedic rasayana Chyavan Prash. Amla powder has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. The powder is crude dried (below 40 ° C).

The dried fruits come from Indian and Lankan fairtrade and organic crops. Ayurveda is a comprehensive philosophy of life focusing on human health and quality of life. Ayurveda means "knowledge of life". Ayurveda speaks of health as a natural state, a condition that nature is constantly striving for. Taking nature's herbs has a central role within Ayurveda to balance the doshas Kapha, Vata and Pitta.

Good digestion is the most important factor in getting good health in Ayurveda. Amalaki enhances digestion, nutrient uptake and the body's ability to transform food into energy. The herb is a perfect aid for the digestion of a person with high pits in the body, as it boosts appetite without increasing the heat of the body. It helps calm mild hyperactivity, stomach ulcers, digestive problems and other problems in the digestive tract caused by excess pitta.

Amalaki's anti-inflammatory properties make it used for a gentle and effective treatment of hemorrhoids, bladder irritation (burning pain during urination), eye and pneumonia. The amalaki fruit is very nutritious and is an important dietary source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. Amalaki promotes the absorption of calcium in the body and helps to provide strong bones, teeth, hair and nails. Shampoo and scalp treatments with the herb as an ingredient help maintain the natural color of the hair and prevent graying hair.

Amalaki also supports the absorption of iron, counteracts anemia and provides normal iron levels. Amalaki is for the liver, the organ that is primarily associated with pitta. Amalaki helps to clean the plasma or the nutritional fluid (raging) and the blood (straight). It increases the number of red blood cells and regulates blood sugar. Traditionally, it has been used to treat jaundice. Current research shows that amalaki effectively lowers cholesterol.

Amalaki boosts the immune system through its powerful antioxidant ability and ability to free the body from free radicals. Combined with its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, it helps to weaken disease, increase vitality and reduce the rate of aging.

Athletes can enjoy the herb because it is anabolic and enhances protein synthesis. It is good for strengthening muscles and for building lean muscle mass. The herb is particularly amazing and versatile through its healing properties in the body, this because of its prabhava, a Sanskrit word meaning "special function".

Amalaki relieves all three doshas. The sour taste creates calm in vata.Pitta is reduced by the sweet taste and the herb's ability to cool energy flows. Its dry and astringent effects balance kapha. Amalaki is an invaluable herb to have on hand during the hot pitta months, whether you want to treat a particular disease or just improve digestion. Enjoy the nutritional and healing benefits of this amazing fruit.

Amalaki has rejuvenating properties that nourish the tissues and gently remove toxins. It is one of three ingredients in triple. It is often used instead of triphala by people who have problems with heat in the stomach. This can be in the form of gastric, colitis, ulcer, heartburn or acid reflux.

Amalaki is said to stimulate the production of red blood cells, strengthen the cells, increase the lean muscle mass and support the liver, spleen, heart and lungs. It has also been used to cleanse the blood, improve eyesight, strengthen bones and teeth and make nails and hair grow. It improves digestion without aggravating pitta, maintains a healthy blood sugar level and is a rich natural source of antioxidants.


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