ZOBR Sweden is an innovative Swedish supplement company with headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. Sales are primarily made through carefully selected retailers,ambassadors and worldwide distribution network.
The need for extra supplements is widely known and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to achieve in the time we live in. We saw the need on the market as many entrepreneurs have to network to achieve results.

We want to be able to give you Everything, Every day, All day. "5Am is when legends either go to sleep or are waking up. Be a legend."

Three years ago we decided to start the company. When that was done we only had a vision of how we wanted to market the product. When we launched our webshop in 2019 later, we would have never anticipated the warm response our products received.

Today we have more than 40 ZOBR brand ambassadors across Sweden who are passionate about both our products and the brand. We started Zobr with the idea of ​​instigating a product that really represented what we stand for. If you do not start the day in the best way, you can always turn it around. However, willpower solely is not always sufficient, but "a little help on the pile" may be needed to perform optimally.

In a market where energy drinks are replacing each other and the side effects are many, we wanted to be able to launch something that you would feel confident getting in daily, while helping the body to recover in a healthy way. Because everyone deserves to be a legend.

To naturally be able to alleviate the damage that has occurred in the body during stressful situations eg. fluid replacement, poor vitamin / mineral intake etc.

Since we can remember nature has helped us produce plants and herbs with healing effects and at a time when technology is shining and chemical supplements are taking over the market, we at Zobr believe that we should nurture ourselves from the inside in a way that is both biologically defensible for body and nature.

The webshop quickly reached the expected results. If it is because our ambassadors' love for the brand has been strong from the beginning and has to do with that success, we only dare to hope. But to get the chance to work with driven young people who in today's situation make quick evaluations and express with the market in a way you would not have imagined 20 years ago.

With love, respect and awerness for yourself and nature.
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