ZOBR Sweden is an innovative Swedish supplement company with the headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. Sales are substantially carried through conscientiously picked out retailers,ambassadors along with an upscale worldwide distribution network.
The requisite for distinct supplements is widely known for a healthy lifestyle that can be challenging to attain in the time we live in. Hence, we recognised the need and demand as many entrepreneurs are required to associate with one another for secure results.

We want to be able to give you Everything, Every day, All day. Three years ago we decided to start the company with a vision on just how we wanted to market the product. When we launched our webshop in 2019, we received support beyond what our team had envisioned.

Emerging in the market initially With the outline of instigating a product that really represented what we stand for, Zobr today has more than 40 brand ambassadors passionate about our products as well as the brand image.

Ever since we can remember nature has provided us with plants and herbs with healing effects, at a time when technology is shining and chemical supplements are taking over the market, we at Zobr believe that we should nurture ourselves from the inside in a way that is both biologically defensible for the body and nature.

With love, respect and awareness for yourself and nature and for a convenient lifestyle.

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