Health benefits of raisins

Raisins are dried grapes, which get their tan color when they dry. They are core free and very sweet and are perfect for just eating as they are, mixing in muesli, or in different dishes. Raisins contain about 60% sugar so they are very energy rich. They are also rich in iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin A and fiber. There are lots of health benefits of eating raisins. Among other things, it has been found that raisins contain phytochemicals that counteract caries and various diseases that can affect the gums.

Raisins also contain a lot of fiber and can help prevent constipation. They also contain a lot of calcium, perfect as it strengthens the skeleton. Raisin contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances that are believed to counteract eye diseases and various types of cancer.

1. Raisin lowers high blood pressure 

This food helps lower your blood pressure and supports your heart health. Something we want to clarify from the beginning is that raisins contain glucose. The key to making the most of them is therefore to eat them regularly but moderately.

For example, if you eat a handful (around 25 g) of raisins a day, you benefit from their high potassium content, which is very good for lowering blood pressure.

2. Full of energy and helps you fight anemia

Raisin contains a significant amount of iron, which can help you treat anemia. They are also rich in vitamin B, which is important for the formation of new blood. The high amounts of copper in raisins also help promote proper formation of red blood cells. Also, don't forget that a good breakfast is an energy-packed breakfast. Raisins are very rich in carbohydrates, which is perfect for avoiding the classic weakness in the morning.

3. They help you cleanse your body

An interesting way to take full advantage of the natural benefits of this food is by soaking them overnight and then drinking water. It is the key to improving your liver and kidney function. Although the body has its own natural cleansing mechanism, you can help by using cures that optimize liver and kidney function.

4. Say goodbye to constipation When you eat raisins, something surprising happens: they swell because of their insoluble fibers. This natural process encourages bowel movement while detoxifying them and moving stools so that it can be removed properly. If you have diarrhea, these fibers can absorb fluid and thereby gradually fix the problem while nourishing and fighting weakness.

5. They are the best way to take care of the legs in the morning You will be pleased to hear that raisins, like figs, are rich in calcium. If you eat a handful of them with your yogurt, give your bones the calcium they need.

Raisin is one of the best sources of boron - a micronutrient that no diet should be without. Boron is important for proper bone formation and maintenance, and helps to absorb calcium better. They also contain, as I said, a lot of potassium. It is another important nutrient that helps you fight osteoporosis and joint deterioration associated with age.

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