What are the health benefits of Gooseberries?

Gooseberries - the wonderful, sour berry that ripens in July, is a berry that has unfairly fallen a bit in the shade of other favorite berries. It is a really great berry with lots of health benefits! Gooseberry has a very high content of a particularly useful antioxidant called quercitin. Quercitin not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but also contains antihistamines that facilitate in light allergies.

Vitamin Bomb
One serving of gooseberry contains about 20 times more vitamin C than the equivalent amount of orange. A real vitamin bomb!

Gooseberries contain large amounts of the super useful antioxidant quercetin, which among other things works anti-inflammatory and is said to help protect against heart disease.

Boosts skin and hair
Gooseberries are the pure miracle cure for your skin and your hair. The berry strengthens the hair roots, makes the hair keep the color and gives it shine. Because the gooseberry contains a lot of antioxidants, they also protect the skin from UVrays.

Good for muscles and joints
Gooseberries are rich in both magnesium and potassium, which is needed for the muscles and cells to function normally. The berries can also help lower blood pressure. Just to munch on!

Improves vision
one serving, about 2.5 deciliters, contains 18 percent of a woman's daily need for vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed for vision to function normally, and a high intake reduces the risk of infections and eye problems such as age changes on the yellow spot.
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