Pain-Free - Naturally!

Various spices have long been used for pain in folk medicine. Now studies are also beginning to drop in, showing that our ancestors may not have been completely wrong.


For a long time, turmeric in Sweden was an underestimated spice most used to put yellow color on dishes. Considered anti-inflammatory. Can help with IBS, depression and joint pain. In one study has proven as pain-relieving as pain tablets with ibuprofen. In Asia, it has long been known as both useful and good. But then the turmeric suddenly got a boost here at home and now it is hailed as a super spice. In terms of appearance, it reminds a little of the ginger with which it is also related. It is a root, a little chubby and irregular. Turmeric good for digestion, it is anti-inflammatory, counteracts arthritis and helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body, and that's not all. Turmeric has even more healing effects. Drink it like tea, it is mild and flavored.


In one study, it has been shown to reduce the pain of migraine almost as good as medicine. Works just as well fresh as in dried or pickled form. Good to have some peeled ginger in your pocket on this summer's boat or car excursions - ginger is good for nausea. It is also good for the joints, stomach and digestion. A cup of ginger tastes good and can also be drank cold as iced tea.


A root that has been used since ancient times in especially India, within Ayurvedic doctrine. It grows mainly in India, Africa and the Middle East. It is relatively new in the dietary supplement industry and sails up as a popular alternative in the health care industry. Perhaps not so strange that it starts to be in demand here with us, because the root is known for its soothing and soothing effects. It is a classic Ayurvedic medicinal plant and is sometimes called Indian ginseng.

Kalmegh Andrographis

A complicated name for a bitter plant that has been used in Ayurveda for a long time. It is also anti-inflammatory and good for the stomach.

Hemidesmus indicus

is amongst herbs that are widely used in the Ayurvedic form of therapeutic science. It is used individually as well as in combination with other herbs for addressing issues related to skin, kidneys, digestion, respiratory system, immune system, and joints.

This root has some amazing properties and has been used for thousands of years!

Benefits of Hemidesmus indicus (Indian Sarsaparilla)


Its main function is to detoxify the blood and organs. Its antioxidant properties can make way for cleaner blood, increasing overall kidney and liver function by stimulating detoxification, essentially giving your body the proper nutrients to do it on its own. 


According to Ayurvedic herbal medicine dampness and heat aggravate the system especially when it comes to inflammation. Whether its inflammation on the skin in the form of acne, eczema, psoriasis, sore inflamed muscles or even achy bones, Indian sarsaparilla can help reduce inflammation giving your body chance to heal faster. 

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